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Nelson Colt releases debut CD!

October 15, 2013

Nelson Colt, an independent country singer/songwriter/musician from Aylmer, Quebec, Canada has released his debut CD titled, "Right Where I Belong" to Canadian country radio. The EP was recorded in Nashville TN at County Q studios and produced by Rob Matson. The first debut single to hit the airwaves was "Fingers Crossed" on June 10, 2013. The song performed well and received above-average airplay for a new artist. The second single, "Where I Belong", was released on September 30, 2013 an we will keep our eyes on this one as well. All songs on this EP were writen by Nelson Colt and Nelson's co-writing partner, Mr. Barry Brown from the acclaimed CCMA award winning Family Brown Country group. Nelson and Barry have already started working on the second album, which will also be recorded in Nashville, hopefully November 2014. Nelson has been billed as a "triple threat" due to the fact he writes, sings and plays a mean country lead guitar. He could be our next big Canadian country favorite! You can visit Nelson's website here: Press Kit:

Aylmer’s country music star performs at the NAC

By LAURENT ROBILLARD-CARDINAL | Published: SEPTEMBER 27, 2013, The Aylmer Bulletin.

Aylmer’s country musician Nelson Colt is playing at the NAC, September 27.

After recording his new album, “Where I Belong”, in America’s country music capital, Nelson Colt, Aylmer’s country musician and songwriter, is playing live in Canada’s capital at the NAC on September 27, 2013.

Colt felt at home in Music City, USA. “Nashville was everything I thought it would be,” he told the Bulletin. “They say people give a city its character and atmosphere; Nashville made me feel at home. I felt welcomed like a long-lost friend.

“I’m looking forward to returning next year to County Q Studios to record the next CD, and to see my new friends, especially Rob Matson, who produced my music with passion,” said Colt. In Nashville, Colt got access to great musicians, as well as technicians. “The session players on my CD are amazing.”

Influenced by George Strait, Merle Haggard and George Jones, Colt, equipped with his guitar, cowboy boots and white hat, loves singing about real events and emotions that everyone can relate to, with lyrics that go straight to the heart. “The songs on this CD are about life, love, good and bad times,” said Colt. His single, Fingers Crossed, addresses the importance of taking time to spend time with loved ones in a fast-paced society.

True to his bilingual roots, Mr Colt recorded the bilingual tune, Across the River, with French lyrics. Colt lived on Aylmer Road for a long time before moving to Wilfrid-Lavigne Boulevard just behind the Canadian Tire. “I remember watching Zellers being built when I was a kid,” he told the Bulletin. Mr Colt now lives out in the country, closer to the city limits.

But Aylmer did not provide him the tools and opportunities to develop as a musician. “Aylmer, unfortunately, was lacking in opportunities for my music career,” he said. “And in all my travels performing over the years, I’ve rarely played in my own home-town. When the internet came along, that opened up a whole new world of learning and opportunities for me.”

Colt discovered country music in Aylmer. “We went to visit my uncle David for New Year’s Eve, and he played a guitar and sang some Hank Snow,” said Colt. “I was in awe of that sound.”

Afterwards, thanks to his late mother Mary Edith Blakeney, Colt got his hands on his first guitar at 12 and has never let go. “I never thought that I would someday team up with Barry Brown (Family Brown Country) and write songs with him — now that’s cool! We’re a song-writing team!

 Good news! Now you can get both of Nelson's CD's on iTunes! Available now!
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Press release on the Canadian Country Music Assocation web site.
Nelson Colt....New Face Fresh Sound!

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013.

At Canada Country Aircheck we don't often spotlight new artists but Nelson Colt caught our attention. Aylmer, Quebec is not the country music Capital of Canada but there is a new artist from Aylmer who we feel will go far in country music. We receive a lot of releases at Canada Country Aircheck. Some catch our ears and some don't. Nelson Colt caught our attention right away with his single "Fingers Crossed" which should do well across Canada. Check your DMDS.

Nelson Colt: Canada’s Next Country Singing Sensation
Canada’s up and coming most talented country singer lives in Aylmer! No mistake, it’s true! He’s a good old local boy making country music in our own backyard.
I witnessed Colt’s incredible voice and his talented guitar playing accompanied by his band. His distinct voice is: deep and raspy, smooth and toned. Nelson is on his way to making national country singing history and will soon be wowing at an international level. There is no doubt of his talent and cowboy charisma as he performs in the typical country boy fashion: in jeans and a t-shirt, cowboy boots, and the traditional white cowboy hat. A boy he is not, a mature man he is, a star he will be!
Nelson performed at the Rideau Carleton Raceway Casino last weekend and wowed the gamblers into getting up off their seats and two stepping to his original tunes and a few country classics. Hips were swaying, toes were tapping, fans were clapping, swinging and dancing between the slot machines. Young and old enjoyed the talents of ‘Nelson Colt’. Many just couldn’t sit still as they enjoyed the live music.
In between sets, I spoke to our star and congratulated him on his current success and flattered him by recognizing the originality of his country style voice. Very country indeed for an Aylmerite! Having a little twang in his voice and the distinct deep drawl of a male country singer from down south Nelson blends into the crowd like a regular guy, although he does stand out wearing the cowboy hat! He is friendly, approachable, and genuinely a nice man to everyone. Our local boy was born with a natural talent, served in the Armed Forces and is now living his dream of being a country singer and performing for his fans.
The favoured “Fingers Crossed” song written by Nelson and his album co-writer, Barry Brown from the acclaimed "Family Brown", was flawlessly performed as he was supported by his band, ‘The Riders’: Al Bragg (steel guitar and piano), André Ferraton (drums), Mike Yelle (Bass guitar and vocals). The entire band played with enthusiasm and ‘joy de vivre’. Nelson captured everyone’s attention with his Nashville-style guitar picking and singing original songs featured on his new CD and some chosen cover songs, all in a professional and jovial manner as he joked with the crowd between songs.
Nelson has recently returned from Nashville Tennessee where he recorded his new CD ‘Where I Belong’. It will soon be available for purchase locally. Visit Nelson’s website at or find him on Facebook to buy the new CD, send him a message because he loves hearing from his fans and will actually answer you! Buy tickets to his upcoming show at the NAC September 27, 2013 for a mere $20.00.
His name is NELSON COLT he’s from Aylmer and you’ll be hearing him on the radio!
Article by Lise Prefontaine, Aylmer
Where I Belong - CD Review

Posted on June 4, 2013 by musicyanis from

I am a sucker for country music. I love it, and Nelson Colt exemplifies everything I have come to love about country music. “Fingers Crossed”, Colt’s debut single co-written with Barry Brown, is a country delight. The song builds, gradually incorporating incredible slide guitar, bluegrass fiddle, fender twang and honky tonk piano. It is Colt’s incredibly sincere vocal delivery and lyrics that truly give this track the emotional honesty I have come to love from country music. Nelson Colt has a voice that was born to sing country music, and on a personal note I would love to hear him cover “Blue Sky” by the Allman Brothers Band. “Right Where I Belong” is another wonderfully sincere tune. Featuring an incredible country band and a memorable guitar line, country radio is right where Nelson Colt and Barry Brown’s songwriting belongs. “I’ve Tried” is a fantastic lament where we are treated to glimpses of Colt’s upper register as well a touch of female back up vocals – smart move Colt. I personally would like to meet the man who played slide guitar on all of these tracks and kiss the ground he walks on, what a sound! “Prediction” is next. At the risk of making a horrible pun, “Prediction” is predictable. Well recorded, well sung but it fails to stand out. If Colt wishes to make an impact on radio, he must focus his attention on what makes him unique rather than delivering competent country. Finally I listened to “Across the River”. French lyrics! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Apart from being a fun, foot-stomping uptempo, this song’s bilingual chorus epitomizes the essence of Ottawa/Gatineau. The unbridled joy of Colt’s voice on this one is simply irresistible. The song is short and sweet.

I really enjoyed Nelson Colt. I think this guy can make a very big impact on a national level, and I am certain that Nashville will embrace his sound. He has the voice, the songs, an incredible country band of professional players and to top it all off: excellent recordings. In a genre like country, full of prototypical singers who sound like every other country singer we’ve ever heard, it is imperative to sound unique. If Colt focuses on what makes “Across The River” and “Fingers Crossed” so distinct and memorable, he will continue to write wonderful country songs that will take him far beyond the Ottawa Valley.

Is Nelson Colt Canada’s next country star? Tell me why or why not in the comments.

Musically yours,